Self help in your own back garden

There are many forms of trauma – Physical, Mental, Emotional.

How we deal with these is unique for everybody. Everybody reacts differently to trauma and everyone recovers differently from said trauma. From expensive treatment facilities to self help there is a long list of things people can explore before finding the way that works for them.

When going through Divorce Mediation all the emotional turmoil resurfaces and as this can take a long time, any progress the individuals may have made getting over things, the divorce mediation drags them back down if it is not amicable.

One method of recovery is to look no further than your back garden. You look out and there are endless possibilities of what can be achieved. What is the landscape going to look like, grass, pebbles, potted plants, climbers, pond, borders. anything.

Being able to focus on something and put your mind to a task is one way in which you can bring yourself out of the negative experience you are going through. The process in which a garden goes from one thing to a completely different thing can be a very fulfilling one. From researching the best garden designs, best materials to use, most attractive looking plants. type of garden: is it a garden for pleasure, to lounge in and relax in. are you creating a home for wildlife, you really can get lost in the

Something as significant as creating your own garden can give a great sense of achievement. fulfillment, purpose and to some extent pride.

Even after you have lost yourself in the process of the designing, purchasing materials ans creating the desired garden you then have to maintain, cut the grass, replant flowers, repaint fences and sheds.

It also suits any age. if you are older and dealing with some form of trauma, gardening can be as physically demanding as you make it. Pruning bushes and planting flowers still makes a significant different to your garden and again the same sense of achievement, fulfillment and pride can be experienced.

These are positive feelings achieved at a time where no positivity can be foreseen. If you do not feel like going out of the house and seeing anybody then this is something that will suit.

Plants are a living organism that require care and attention. Tending to these encourages positive emotions and the consequence of not tending to these isn’t too harrowing that there is pressure to do so.

Another aspect to gardening is growing your own fruit and vegetables. This really is a fantastic idea as you have a product for your efforts along side a beautiful looking garden. Making meals with produce you have grown gives a massive sense of pride and achievement. All positive energy that can help combat the negative energy associated with dealing with trauma. Being outdoors is also exposure to the natural elements, being in the sun can give a great boost of Vitamin D and combat anxiety and potential depression.

The garden really can be your Eden and really can help combat the affects of trauma.