Easy Flowers to Grow


Flowers are the lynchpin that makes your garden look as beautiful as possible. Without flowers, gardens often look pretty empty. This is why it is recommended that even if you’re looking for a solely productive garden with fruits and vegetables, you should still go for a few flower plants in your garden to avoid making it look absolutely dull and colorless. The color green is definitely present, however, flowers add so many different exciting colors to the garden that it’s almost impossible for most gardeners to resist planting a few of them so that their gardens look lively and wonderfully vibrant. If you are one of the few farmers who can resist growing a few flowers, it must be because you think of growing flowers in your garden too much hard work.


Growing flowers in your garden doesn’t always have to be arduous and difficult. It’s only difficult if you choose for it to be so. If you opt to bring in flowers which are delicate and need excessive amounts of care every day, then you’re not going to be very happy with them if you’re looking to be more productive and save time. However, there are plenty of flowers that don’t require too much effort in order to grow successfully in your garden. All you have to do is water them a reasonable amount of times a week and let them grow in a place that receives ample amounts of sunlight, and they’ll do the rest. These flowers don’t really fall behind when it comes to looks. Just because they are easy to grow and maintain doesn’t mean that they aren’t beautiful; these flowers are just as beautiful as the delicate ones. The main attraction that many farmers have for the delicate and time consuming flowers isn’t that they are better looking. They simply enjoy working long hours on their cherished plants. If you’re not one of those farmers, then don’t’ worry about it. Just choose a flower from the list of easy to grow flowers from the list we’ve provided below, and you’ll be set to go.

1.      Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is an extremely easy plant to grow. They are also very beautiful, and require almost no water at all to grow. Even if you live in drought like conditions, this flower is still a viable option due to how little water per day it requires. It is easy to grow to the point that it’s almost as self-sufficient as a weed. You need to take a little bit of care of it in the early stages, and once it’s grown you can just let it be without having to worry about it to much.

2.      Sunflower

Sunflowers are also quite gorgeous, and are so easy to grow that even children have no problems growing them. They require little attention from you, and only require a little bit of water daily in order to survive.

Plant these in your garden, and it’ll start to look a lot better.