How to Grow an Oak Tree


Growing an oak tree is an act of pure kindness. You’re helping preserve nature, and you’re doing it free of cost. You should be lauded for this, but if you’re the kind of person who’d plant a tree just for the sake of it, you probably don’t need a pat on the back. Oak are amazing and magnificent trees. The can keep growing for as much as 30-40 years before they’re ready to bear acorns, although some can do it in between 3-10 years. They can grow up into huge sizes and generate tons of oxygen over the years to come. Planting one of these is a great community service.

If you want to grow an oak tree, you’ll have to follow a few certain steps. Make sure you follow them, or you’ll find it difficult to grow an oak tree. The process is pretty simple, and you shouldn’t find yourself meeting any hurdles if you go over the process even partially carefully. You’ll have an oak tree facing you in no time. It will, however, take quite a bit of time to grow, so be mindful of that. Oak trees mature pretty slowly, so you need to have patience in order to be able to deal with it.

Oak trees may be really sturdy in the mature stages, but as seedlings they are very weak and need the utmost care if you’re hoping to have anything that looks like those impressive oak trees in the wild. Don’t be worried, though. The process is pretty simple and you’ll find no difficulties facing the task at hand at all.

1.      Find an acorn

It wouldn’t seem like it, but the best place to look for acorns isn’t deep into the forest, but the roadside instead. Pick up as many healthy looking acorns that you can find. Make sure the acorns you pick up aren’t damaged, or have holes in their exteriors, as this means there won’t be any trees growing out of it.

2.      Check the acorns in a water test

What taking your acorns through a water test means you need to throw them into a container which is filled with water. If the acorn floats, it is hollow from the inside which is probably the result of an insect infecting it. Throw such acorns away. They won’t result in anything. However, if you have acorns that don’t float and go straight down to the bottom of the container which has water in it, then this acorn has what it takes in order to become a full fledged oak tree.

3.      Rest it and plant it

Store this acorn in a small air tight plastic bag filled with moist dirt in a refrigerator. This should go on for the entire winter and in spring, it will be ready for planting. Make sure you plant it in a place where around where you picked the acorn up from.